Teacher Planning and PD


A number of materials have been developed to help teachers learn about Internet safety and create teaching programs for their schools.

CyberSafe Schools Wall Chart – A wall chart that maps out the skills expected of students when using the Internet; the associated Internet safety risks; and a number of teaching strategies to be used with students.  The wall chart is double sided with both primary and secondary level versions. Full Details

CyberSafe Schools Quick Reference Guide – A quick reference guide which summarises the information on the wall chart.  It has been designed for teachers to use as a reference to school Internet safety education.  Full Details

Teacher Guide to Internet Safety – A twenty page booklet outlining the issues of Internet safety education for schools.  Written to help teachers raise their level of Internet safety awareness and to provide schools with practical support for their education programs. Full Details

Other Resources

As part of the NetAlert CyberSafe Schools program resources have also been developed for both primary and secondary schools.  Each of these resources have interactive activities, teacher guides and activity sheets for students.

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