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A Parent’s Guide to CyberNetrix

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What is CyberNetrix?

CyberNetrix is a free Internet safety educational program for Australian secondary schools
developed by NetAlert Limited (NetAlert). It is an engaging, easy-to-use educational
resource that is available on CD-ROM or online at
CyberNetrix represents Phase 3 of the NetAlert CyberSafe Schools program – developed
in recognition of the seriousness of the risks facing young people accessing Internet
services and content today.
The NetAlert CyberSafe Schools program has been developed for Australian primary and
secondary schools by NetAlert – Australia’s Internet safety advisory body, in conjunction
with State and Territory educational bodies and national curriculum developers.
CyberNetrix is an interactive multimedia educational resource that provides an informative,
fun and safe learning environment for students and emphasises important messages
about Internet safety and responsible use of the Internet.
CyberNetrix is also suitable for use in home environments and allows parents to share in
their teenager’s learning experience. As a parent you will have the opportunity to discuss
and reinforce key Internet safety issues presented by CyberNetrix.
Through CyberNetrix, NetAlert’s vision of fostering responsible and safe use of the Internet
amongst young people is being achieved.
Who is CyberNetrix for?
CyberNetrix has been especially created for secondary school aged students and support
materials have been developed for teachers to use to help educate students about Internet
CyberNetrix has been designed to assist Australian school teachers educate students
about safe and responsible use of the Internet. The resource helps to equip students with
the knowledge and skills that will allow them to use the Internet safely in Internet enabled
environments so that their online experiences are rewarding, safe and successful.
Parents and carers are also advised to encourage teenagers and young people to access
CyberNetrix at home. The resources offer an excellent opportunity to discuss and
reinforce key Internet safety issues presented by CyberNetrix.


WiseuptoIT is a separate resource which is available both online at
or on DVD.
This resource was created by NetAlert for young people between the ages of 14 and 21,
and explores the lives of four young people and their experiences on the Internet.
When you use CyberNetrix you will notice that excerpts from the
WiseuptoIT resource
have been included as case studies within CyberNetrix.
As a parent or carer you are also encouraged to access WiseuptoIT at home as it provides
four scenarios based on real-life cases told by young people themselves in their own
Is Internet Safety Taught at your Child’s School?
It is vitally important for the safety and well-being of today’s youth that Internet safety is
being addressed in our schools.
NetAlert recommends that as parents and carers you speak about the CyberSafe Schools
program with the teaching professionals at your child’s school. By enquiring with your
child’s teachers and/or principal, you will be able to determine if NetAlert’s free CyberSafe
Schools’ resources are being utilised and included in the school curriculum.
NetAlert also encourages parents and carers to discuss this educational package and the
importance of teaching Internet safety to students at Parent’s and Friends meetings, with
other parents and the wider community.
NetAlert CyberSafe Schools
NetAlert CyberSafe Schools is a three year project which
has been delivered to Australian schools in three phases.
Phase One involved the design and development of
educational resources aimed at supporting and raising
teacher awareness about Internet Safety issues. The
following Internet safety curriculum materials were
distributed to every school in Australia:
Phase Two produced an interactive Internet safety learning environment for primary school
aged children. The program, called CyberQuoll contains six interactive Internet safety
episodes which focus on the issues of:
Contact with inappropriate persons;
Cyber bullying;
Online publishing;
Chat room danger;
Mobile Internet enabled technologies.
A Teacher’s Guide to CyberQuoll, lesson plans, fact sheets and associated print materials
are available from NetAlert. There are also student resources to complement the
interactive resources such as pledges, student activities and certificates. CyberQuoll has
been distributed to every Australian school with primary school students. CyberQuoll is
available on CD-ROM or online from and
CyberNetrix represents Phase Three in the NetAlert CyberSafe Schools program.
You can stay informed about this project by signing up to the free CyberSafe Schools
eNewsletter at
CyberNetrix Resources
CyberNetrix resources can be accessed via the Internet at
, or via
a CD-ROM and all supporting materials are available for download.
This means that parents and children will have the opportunity to view the materials on
their home computer, providing an extra learning dimension to the resources.
CyberNetrix presents a series of multimedia activities that are accessed by entering a
virtual environment which simulates a teenager’s bedroom. Also included are
downloadable files and hot spots with the ability to print out information and a personal
action plan.
CyberNetrix has been designed to be used in a flexible manner to allow the student to
explore a range of issues, experience a range of real-life scenarios, make decisions and
consider the consequences that their actions may trigger. It has been structured so that
there is no need to complete any of the activities in a particular order.
As students progress through the activities and take certain actions, their room will change
to reflect their decisions. Poor decisions will lead to obvious negative outcomes in the
room and to the characters, and responsible decisions will have positive consequences.
You may also like to visit the CyberNetrix support site to view the Frequently Asked
Questions or CyberNetrix Glossary.

A Guide to CyberNetrix Activities

This section of the CyberNetrix Parent’s Guide is designed to provide parents and carers
with a summary of each CyberNetrix learning activity.
CyberNetrix is comprised of different learning elements. There are:
Five interactive learning activities which can be accessed from the student’s room
or from any part of the interactive by using the menu bar on the screen. They focus
a simulated Chat Room,
a simulated Mobile Phone, and,
3 themed quizzes: Danger, Spam and Scams, Keeping It Real Online and
Don’t Diss Me;
Four hot spots with digital video and audio information which may be accessed
from within the student’s room. They focus on:
Identity Theft,
Internet Banking,
Real Life Case Studies, and,
Keeping Your Computer Secure;
Information or Action buttons:
Staying Cyber Savvy – Basic Safety Hints,
Who’re You Going To Call?
Reporting information,
NetAlert information, and,
a customisable My Plan (personal student action plan).
CyberNetrix and the Family
With the Internet playing such an important role in home environments, libraries, and
classrooms, teaching teenagers how to communicate safely on the Internet is just as
important as teaching them how to communicate safely in any other public place.
NetAlert encourages parents to support and discuss issues with their teenagers through
the fun and interactive CyberNetrix computer based activities. Your son or daughter may
also like to show you one of the CyberNetrix activities or safety lessons that they
completed at school and talk about the Internet safety themes that were presented.
Remember, for young people to remain safe on the Internet, families need to work
together to determine their own unique plan for Internet safety. Young people need
parents and carers to teach them how to make smart choices about who and what they
find on the Internet, to deal with commercial material, safeguard their privacy, to have a
positive experience when meeting people on the Internet, and use their time on the
Internet effectively.

How NetAlert’s Internet Family Help Sheets can Support CyberNetrix
As a follow-on activity to CyberNetrix, NetAlert recommends that families develop their
own unique Internet safety strategy.
This will provide the family with an opportunity to discuss the important safety messages
addressed in the CyberNetrix resource.
At NetAlert, we understand that parents are busy people, so that’s why we’ve developed a
range of take-away Internet safety solutions that can be implemented straightaway.
Simply print off the Family Help Sheets which can be accessed at
and discuss them with the whole family. Modify
/ adapt them where your family sees fit, and post them up in a prominent position in your
home – perhaps beside the computer, or on the fridge.
If you don’t have a printer, feel free to contact NetAlert and we will happily post you the
pack of Family Help Sheets, free of charge.
How Can NetAlert Help?
Whether you wish to learn about the potential dangers for children and teenagers on the
Internet or are looking for a solution to a problem already encountered, NetAlert can assist.
Contact NetAlert via email at
or by telephone on our toll free
number: 1800 880 176 and request an Internet Safety Kit. The kit includes:
A Parent’s Guide to Internet safety,
Parent Power educational CD-ROM,
NetAlert Technology Toolbox brochure, and,
A range of other useful Internet safety information.
NetAlert provides online resources and practical advice for parents on a range of Internet
safety issues. These resources include:
Parent’s Web Site
The main NetAlert web site is designed for parents and provides a range of help, advice
and resources to assist families with Internet safety.
The web site (
) includes:
Internet Safety Advice Centre:
Find specific Internet safety advice on a range of issues.
Internet Safety Resources:
Download information sheets, reports and guides for use with your children.
Internet Safety Newsletter:
Sign up to a free monthly newsletter on Internet safety.

Netty’s Net Adventure

If you have any children of lower primary school age, he/she may benefit by undertaking
the Internet safety activities in Netty’s Net Adventure which is accessible on the Internet at
After completing these activities, your child may be better equipped to undertake some of
the more complex computer based activities presented in CyberQuoll.
Netty’s Net Adventure is an online interactive where Netty (NetAlert’s Internet safety
character) travels through a number of adventures similar to those young children will
likely encounter when they start using the Internet.
Netty’s Net Adventure is aimed at children 2-7 years of age, starting out on the Internet. It
can be seen as a starting point for Internet safety, just as families introduce other safety
concepts such as fire, water and road safety.
In “Netty’s Net Adventure”, important Internet safety messages are revealed through five
Internet Safety Helpline
The NetAlert Helpline is a free advisory service available to all Australians on Internet
safety related issues. Free advice and materials (such as Internet safety kits and
information sheets) are available.
Contact can be made by phone 9:00am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday (leave a message at
other times), fax or mail in a request, or drop us an email.
Contact Methods
Please contact NetAlert if we can be of assistance with any Internet safety issue you may
Phone Toll Free:
1800 880 176

NetAlert Helpline
GPO Box 1774
Hobart Tasmania 7001