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Enterprises can now protect their most important asset – Business Continuity – from zero day worms, viruses and trojans.

Network Access Control (NAC) allows the enterprise to determine who is on their network and whether the attached end point is a domain user or a guest/contractor and what rights and privileges they should have and whether the attached end point meets corporate compliance policies and is free of malware.

A high proportion of loss of business continuity and network disruption is cause by Domain users attaching to the network with infected, out of version AV or OS and infected USB memory sticks. Unauthorised Wi-Fi access points and other unauthorised attaching devices need to be discovered and
managed. Network Access Control ensures corporate compliance and remediation for domain users without the disruption associated with technologies such as 802.1X.

The increasing use of contractors with their own end points also creates potential loss of business continuity. However contractors need controlled and auditable network access to do their jobs with minimal disruption and maximum corporate compliance.

Cyber Netrix can deploy enterprise-level multi-industry awarded automated NAC solutions in under a day.



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