Internet Safety Education for Secondary Students

A number of materials have been developed to assist you with teaching and learning about online safety.  To complement the CyberNetrix interactive learning program, NetAlert has a suite of materials to help you teach Internet safety.

Click on the appropriate link below to view the materials available:

  • Student’s CyberNetrix
  • Teacher’s CyberNetrix
  • >Parent’s CyberNetrix

What is CyberNetrix?

A computer based Internet safety program for secondary school students.

It teaches students about the risks of using the Internet and provides advice on managing and minimising those risks.

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What is Wise up to IT?

Along with CyberNetrix an Internet safety DVD was distributed to all schools in Australia with secondary school aged students.

Wise up to IT explores the lives of four young people and their experiences on the Internet.  It can be used in the classroom and is best suited for older grades in secondary school.

Wise up to IT can be viewed online at:


Other Resources

CyberQuoll is an Internet safety program that may be suited to some students in lower secondary school.  More information about this program can be found at:

  • Primary School Resources

You may also like to look at the teacher professional development resources which have been developed in phase one of the CyberSafe Schools program.

  • Teacher Professional Development