diploma of security risk management

Cybersecurity Risk Management Certification

With the majority of the world’s governments relying on the World Wide Web, not to mention hundreds of thousands of businesses that do the same – staying safe online is becoming increasingly important. As a result, the demand for highly trained internet experts is becoming more and more prominent, with many companies being willing to pay their specialists very well in return for their protective expertise.

Obtaining Cybersecurity Risk Management Certification can be the first stepping stone to obtaining a career as an internet security specialist – and with courses available from both colleges and online, the potential to obtain this type of qualification is now more prominent than ever before.

As technologies evolve, so too do the techniques featured within these types of courses, so below we will provide a breakdown of the latest type (as of March 2017).

How long does the course last?

When studying online, most students can expect to complete the course within 6 months. The structure of the curriculum is broken into four core units, each of which is worth a total of 14 points. The course can be used as a pathway when pursuing higher levels of education. The four key stages are split as follows:

The application of cybersecurity knowledge

In this core unit, a student will be expected to learn how to implement their knowledge of cybersecurity in a range of environments.

Evaluating the architecture of cyber structures

During this unit, the student will need to demonstrate their capabilities when identifying the key traits of the way in which a digital structure works, including the framework of websites.

The application of tools

The student will then be expected to show aptitude in the use of anti-hacking and security enhancing tools, especially their coding and implementation.

The development of organisational strategies

All students hoping to obtain this certificate will need to show how they can develop strategies to protect structures and platforms, whilst still adhering to government policies and laws.

This is a rough breakdown of the course, but as mentioned above – newer security techniques can play a role in the specifics of this training program. In order to be eligible for enrolment, the student will need to provide evidence of a working background (of 4 years) in a relevant career, or possess a degree in any of the following subjects:

When studying online the criteria can differ slightly, but it’s best to get in touch with a reputable and registered training company in Australia for further information on how best to proceed with studying toward this type of qualification.