Data Governance

Unstructured data in organizations is exploding and almost out of control, IDC say as much as 80% of an enterprise data is unstructured  It encompasses all distinct files, documents, images, spreadsheets, videos and audio files—stored on servers, NAS devices and in semi-structured repositories like SharePoint.  Managing and protecting this data presents enormous challenges:

In today’s enterprise, the data is the business. As IT processes have grown up around the data, though, many fail to take into account the dynamic nature of that data, which is compounded by the ever-changing user base who need to access it. Data Governance is inherently difficult to ensure because today’s methods use time-consuming, ineffective methods to reach static conclusions that are outdated almost before they are reached.

Automated Data Governance solutions provides an innovative new way to tackle Data Governance, by correlating Active Directory users and groups with the file systems and folders that they access, information can be automatically provided by examining the user’s side of the equation to determine what groups they are part of, what permissions they have, and how they got them, or what directories the users and groups are accessing. This information is then combined using the Varonis Intelligent Data Use analytics engine, to provide recommendations on who should be allowed to access data, while a wealth of statistical information makes reviews simple and enables IT to take — and keep — control of data governance in an automatic and resource reducing manner.

Cyber Netrix can integrate Data Governance is used internally by company’s such as EMC, Juniper and Microsoft.

Interesting in discussing how Cyber Netrix can save your business real IT time and money in the areas of:
* Directory services/AD administrators
* Windows server administrators
* IT Operations
* Storage administrators
* Helpdesk
* Security
* Compliance and audit



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