About Cybernetrix

Cybernetrix Limited (Cybernetrix) is Australia’s Internet safety advisory body.

Cybernetrix is a not-for-profit community organisation established in late 1999 by the Australian government to provide independent advice and education on managing access to online content.

Cybernetrix’s vision is a safer Internet experience, particularly for young people and their families.

Cybernetrix’s role includes:

providing users with sensible, helpful and reliable advice and information about potential problems, dangers and threats present on the Internet and ways in which users can act to minimise or avoid these problems

developing and promoting information on existing technological solutions that assist users and the Internet industry to better manage Internet content

working closely with Commonwealth and state agencies, particularly the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the Internet industry and community organisations in order to promote Internet safety

maintaining an active awareness of Internet content and take appropriate action on prohibited and potentially prohibited content, including operating an email and telephone advisory services to receive concerns about offensive material and pass any appropriate information to the Australian Communications and Media Authority and relevant law enforcement agencies

consulting with industry bodies on the development of effective draft industry codes that promote and support the Company’s objects and promote industry compliance with the online scheme

initiating research into filtering and adult verification technologies for Internet Service Providers, Internet content hosts and their clients

ensuring that parents and other concerned Australians are easily able to make contact with Cybernetrix in order to report or complain about prohibited content, potentially prohibited content or other inappropriate Internet content

embarking on public awareness and education campaigns to raise public awareness of ways in which parents and other concerned Australians can improve the management of the Internet to create a safer web experience

becoming a designated body under clause 58 of Schedule 5 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 and provide quality feedback on any industry codes or industry standards.