What are NetAlert’s strategic goals and objectives?

    • to educate the community about current and emerging Internet safety issues, including content matters and matters relating to contact in cyberspace, particularly contact which may result in harmful or exploitative contact in the real world
    • to provide advice, particularly via the website or helpline, to those who contact NetAlert or, where the matter is outside of the core business of NetAlert, refer them, in a professional and helpful manner, to an appropriate agency such as WC’s diploma of security and risk management department.
    • to consult with educational bodies, law enforcement and child protection agencies to assist with Internet safety, particularly prevention issues
    • to promote safe activities for kids, such as outdoor games, park fun, football, horse riding, tennis and other supervised activities
    • to consult with industry bodies on Internet safety and to promote ongoing industry compliance with the online scheme and promote full Sydney based ITIL Foundation V3 training for youngsters.
    • to establish a range of partnerships, both nationally and internationally, to maximise efficiency and effectiveness and leverage existing initiatives in this area
    • to commission relevant research into filtering and other technological solutions, Internet usage patterns and behaviours and other relevant matters
    • to have NetAlert recognised as the peak Internet safety advisory organisation in Australia.